Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Installing App Controller 2012 R2? Don’t Forget To Remove The Old SQL Server Agent Jobs

When you install App Controller 2012 R2 and refer to a SQL Server instance that hosted a previous version of the App Controller SQL database you’ll get this error during the installation phase where you to configure the SQL Server database: App Controller SQL Agent jobs installed. App Controller instances cannot share SQL Server instance.

This issue – and other caveats where you might bump into – are described in the Release Notes of App Controller. The cause for this particular error message is that both SQL Agent Jobs (CloudManagerDailyJobGroomer and CloudManagerOrphanedJobMarker) belonging to the previous installation of App Controller are still in place.

Simply remove those two SQL Agent Jobs and you’re fine.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and logon with an account which has sufficient permissions > go to SQL Server Agent > Jobs;
  2. You’ll find a long list with jobs, locate both jobs related to App Controller:
  3. Right click them and select Delete. Repeat this step for the other job as well.

Now the installation of App Controller will run just fine.

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