Monday, January 13, 2014

New Blog By Colleague

A colleague of mine – Peter Smit – has decided to start blogging as well. His first posting is out there right now, all about a commercial Management Pack he wrote by himself.

This is MP is aimed at monitoring Derdack Enterprise Alert and is already sold to quite a lot of customers running SCOM and Derdack Enterprise Alert.

Peter Smit is a real crack when it comes down to MP authoring. Already I have learned tons of new tricks from him. Somehow he makes MP authoring looking simple, while it’s a challenge to get it right. But he knows it inside and out, so I am happy to have him as a colleague, awesome!

I am convinced he’ll be posting interesting articles about SCOM and MP authoring. So stay tuned and follow his blog, to be found here.

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Unknown said...

You can also check out the new MP Author tool just released.

Microsoft has decided to partner with Silect to create a MP Authoring tool targeted to IT Pros. This tool is called MP Author and is completely free for all System Center Customers and will be the tool we recommend to IT Pros who need to do MP Authoring.

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