Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Update Rollup #5 For System Center 2012 SP1 Is Available

Microsoft released Update Rollup #5 for System Center 2012 SP1, to be found here.

However, BE CAREFUL with applying this update rollup package since Microsoft’s track record for the quality of these updates – like the patches released per month – isn’t that rock solid anymore.

This update rollup package contains NO updates/fixes for:

  • App Controller;
  • Service Manager;
  • Service Provider Foundation.

Affected System Center 2012 SP1 components are:

  • Data Protection Manager (2 issues fixed);
  • Virtual Machine Manager (10 issues fixed);
  • Orchestrator (4 issues fixed);
  • Operations Manager (8 issues fixed).

KB2904680 describes what’s in store for SCOM 2012 SP1 in this rollup update:

  1. An error occurs when you run the p_DataPurging stored procedure. This error occurs when the query processor runs out of internal resources and cannot produce a query plan.
  2. By default, data warehouse bulk-insert commands use an unchangeable 30-second time-out value that may cause query time-outs.
  3. Many 26319 errors are generated when you use the Operator role. This issue causes performance problems.
  4. Diagram component does not publish location information in the component state.
  5. Renaming a group works correctly on the console. However the group appears with the old name when you try to override a monitor or scope a view based on group.
  6. SCOM synchronization is not supported in the localized versions of Team Foundation Server.
  7. An SDK process deadlock causes the Exchange correlation engine to fail.

I advise you all strongly to be careful with this update rollup package. Read all the available documentation twice and install it in lab environments FIRST before moving to production. With this I would wait at least 4 weeks in order to see there aren’t any hidden ‘features’ which cause serious issues in your production environment.

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