Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Quick Trick 01: Installing SCVMM Using DKM – How To Get The Correct Distinguished Name

When installing SCVMM 2012x it’s simply Best Practice to use Distributed Key Management (DKM) to store the encryption keys, even when SCVMM is installed on a single server.

Why? Simply because AD is a wonderful robust mechanism you already have so why not use it to store the required encryption keys for SCVMM? And many times later on it’s decided that SCVMM is way to critical to have it running on a single server. In situations like these it’s better to have those encryption keys stored in AD since it makes it far more easier to cluster SCVMM.

But many times people find themselves confronted with the installer of SCVMM telling them the required container can’t be made or located:

Even when the container is present and the required permissions properly configured as described by this TechNet article, it looks like the installer doesn’t work. Many times this error occurs because the entered Distinguished Name (DN)  is incorrect.

ADSI Edit to the rescue
Simply use ADSI Edit (used to create the same container) to get the proper DN following these 4 steps:

  1. Start ADSIEDIT with proper permissions, connect to Default naming context and select the container where you want to store the SCVMM encryption keys;
  2. Right click the folder > Properties > tab Attribute Editor > double click distinguishedName
  3. Copy the value of it and paste it in the Installer of SCVMM
  4. Now you know you’ve got the correct DN value. So when the SCVMM returns an error again at least you know you’ve entered the correct value for the DN which makes troubleshooting (incorrect permissions on that container) far more easy Smile.

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