Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fifth MVP Award!

Yesterday was a special day. Not only the first day of 2014 but also the day I got my fifth MVP Award!

It even surprised me since in 2013 I’ve been criticizing Microsoft in some postings and tweets. Never aimed at persons but more at the way processes are executed. Never meant to flame or bash but to point out the weaker spots, hoping that it will land and – finally – will result in better services and products.

Yet Microsoft showed to have a big heart and to look at the bigger picture here, which I really appreciate. So I am a MVP again!

And of course, a BIG word of thanks to all the readers of my blog. Without your comments, feedback and remarks this blog would be nothing but an empty shell.

Last but not least even BIGGER words of thanks and appreciation for my wife since she enables me to grow and excel. Without her aid I wouldn’t be in this spot at all.