Monday, January 27, 2014

What Do YOU Think About The Exchange 2013 MP?

Update 2014-01-27
Talking about bad luck. As it turns out there were some issues with SkyDrive preventing people to access/modify the file. However, SkyDrive is back online now and fully functional. So to all the people out there, please submit your comments and I’ll see to it that it’s send to the proper people at Microsoft.

Hi all. Just wondering whether I can get good feedback from the community about the Exchange Server 2013 MP.

For myself I have an opinion about this MP. But this time I want to know what YOU think about it, based on personal real life experiences and not because someone else says/thinks so.

When I get some good feedback I’ll send that to the program managers involved with this MP. But only when I get some good information, like:

  1. Only first hand experiences;
  2. Actable information and detailed explanations;
  3. Screenshots when needed to explain a certain issue;
  4. Size of your Exchange 2013 environment (amount of servers involved, roles etc);
  5. Impressions of the MP:
    • What’s good about it and why?
    • What’s not so good about it and why?
    • What’s lacking and why?
  6. Time you have this MP in your environment;
  7. Overall experiences with this MP;
  8. Rating from 1 to 5 (1 = bad, 5 = excellent).

I tried to create a OneNote notebook on my SkyDrive but all I got were errors. Therefore I have created a Word document on my SkyDrive which you can use to enter your information and – when applicable – screenshots.

Since this document is open to anyone I hope all goes well and the document won’t be misused. Also remember when using screenshots to cover sensitive information like server names and so on.

Looking forward to receive some valuable feedback.

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