Tuesday, January 14, 2014

System Center Universe 2014 – Europe: Confirmed Speaker!

Last year I was sad since MMS to be terminated by Microsoft. So it’s good to see alternatives came to be, among them the System Center Universe event, presented in three parts of the world:
  • USA, January 30th;
  • APAC, March 13th;
  • Europe, September.

Even though the SCU events aren’t as big in size as a former MMS event, the content rocks! So content wise they really measure up against the former MMS. Simply because the speakers who present there are among the best we know, and they share their knowledge and experience openly with the audience.

With some help (THANK YOU!) I have done my best to board that train as a speaker for SCU Europe 2014 and it hasn’t been in vain! Just about an hour ago I got the e-mail telling me I am one of the confirmed speakers for SCU 2014 Europe!

This is AWESOME news. And no, I don’t consider myself being a super speaker or to be one of the best out there. But I have a lot of knowledge and experience to share and I’ll do my UTMOST best to present a session that’s SCU 2014 worthy!

Hope to see many of you at SCU 2014 Europe in September.