Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DNS MP Alerts keep coming back?

20-07-2009 Update: Unfortunately increasing the WMI buffers doesn’t always help. So as a workaround a scheduled restart of the WMI-service can be created.

Many OpsMgr users are familiar with this Alert:

WMI Probe Module Failed Execution. Object enumeration failed. Query: 'Select Name, Shutdown, Paused from MicrosoftDNS_Zone'. HRESULT: 0x80041001.Details: Generic failure

I already blogged about it, thinking the recompiling of DNS MOF would do the trick. However, it didn’t. After some weeks the same alerts came back.

Gladly Kevin Holman blogged about it and it seems like it he has found multiple ways to troubleshoot it for good. For me the only thing left to do was adding more WMI buffer space as he describes in his blog.

Here are the related blog postings of Kevin Holman to be found:




All credits go to Kevin Holman for these postings. All I want to do is to give it more exposure.


marcus said...

my concern about raising buffer size is ... are you going to cap the limit at some point? are you prolonging the inevitable?

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Marcus.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

That is a good question for which I do not have a solid answer at the moment.

However, I think that the first buffersize was too small to begin with. For long I see WMI problems on DC's since these servers host multiple services being monitored by OpsMgr.

So WMI get's a load to work with. All I can say is that the future will tell whether this works or is only a way to make a bucket out of a cup which eventually ends up filled anyway and the same good old problem is back again.

Certainly I'll keep this posting up-to-date with my experiences.

Best regards,