Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Upgrading to R2: Quick tip – Making the old OpsMgr Agents visible

When one is upgrading an OpsMgr SP1 environment to R2 RTM, the OpsMgr Agents need to be upgraded as well.

However, this can be a process which takes time and not be done within a day. In order to keep a good overview of the OpsMgr Agents which aren’t at R2 level a simple State View within the Monitoring Pane can be built. This way one has a quick view of what OpsMgr Agents still need an update.

Steps to build such a State View:

  1. Start the Console with Admin permissions

  2. Go to the Monitoring Pane

  3. Make a new folder and put it into a new MP (otherwise the new State View will be stored into the Default MP and we don’t want that)

  4. Right click under the new folder and select New > State View

  5. At the tab Criteria select at the option ‘Show data related to’ the entity Agent.

  6. Under the option Select Conditions, select ‘With specific version

  7. In the box Criteria Description a hotlink appears (specific). Click on it and in the box which appears now this string has to be added (without the quotes): ‘6.0.6278.0’. Click OK.

  8. Give this State View a proper name like Old Agents (OpsMgr SP1 level).

  9. Click OK and this View will be saved. When this View is opened, all the Agents which aren’t at R2 level will be displayed.

Example of the View:


Tip: to ‘catch’ Agents with lower Agent Versions as well, one can use this Criteria Description instead (without the quotes): ‘6.0.%’. This way OpsMgr RTM Agents will be shown as well.

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