Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Exchange 2007 R2 MP: EventID22401

Today I learned – the hard way that is – always to ask and never, ever to presume anything.

At a site I was importing/configuring the native Exchange 2007 R2 MP. All just went fine. However, the mailboxservers returned errors when trying to run certain scripts.

The OpsMgr eventlog of these servers showed these events: image
Somehow the Exchange Snap-in ‘Microsoft.Exchange.Management. Powershell.Support’ failed to load. Strange. These servers had certainly the Exchange Management Tools installed.

So I ran some checks. And indeed the needed dll (Microsoft. Exchange.Management.Powershell.Support.dll’) for this snap-in wasn’t there at all. When I ran this PS-cmdlet ‘Get-PSSnapin –reg’ this is what I got:

Name : Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.Admin
PSVersion : 1.0
Description : Admin Tasks for the Exchange Server

So the Admin snap-in was in place, but the other wasn’t. Than I started to ask questions (a bit late, duh!) and I was told the Exchange 2007 environment was still at RTM level…

So besides RTFM there is also AANP (Always Ask, Never Presume)

The MP is still in place but I have disabled certain aspects of this MP and put these into a special MP which is to be removed when SP1 for Exchange has been rolled out.

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