Monday, July 13, 2009

R2 – Upgrading from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008, part III

OpsMgr R2 runs on SQL 2008 SP1. So when upgrading to this version of SQL, SP1 for SQL 2008 has to be applied.

In my test environment the installation of SP1 for SQL 2008 went smoothly. Soon I got the message the update operation had completed successfully:
But when I started the OpsMgr Console, or better tried to start it, I got all kinds of errors. The OpsMgr eventlog of the RMS was even worse: only errors to be seen and sometimes a warning. Nothing informational what so ever.

When trying to start SQL Server Management Studio I also got errors and wasn’t able to connect to the SQL Server instance.

This was not good. So I backtracked it to the first error in the OpsMgr event log of the RMS and this is what I found:

Login failed for user '...'. Reason: Server is in script upgrade mode. Only administrator can connect at this time

So apparently the update process was still running even though the screen stated otherwise.

After a couple of minutes the OpsMgr eventlog of the RMS started to show progress: less errors and warnings and more informational events.

When I started the OpsMgr Console it showed no more errors and it was functional again. Also SQL Server Management Studio became operational.The OpsMgr eventlog of the RMS only showed Informational events.

So whenever running the installation of SP1 for SQL 2008 be aware that – even after the message the update has run successfully – there are still some updatescripts running in the background. As long as these are running, no additional connections are allowed, thus causing OpsMgr to become non-operational. After some time (minutes) all is well again.

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