Wednesday, July 22, 2009

R2 – Xplat

With OpsMgr R2 a whole new field has come into play: non-Microsoft Operating Systems and non-Microsoft enterprise applications, also known as Xplat.

But what if you have worked all your IT career with Microsoft products ‘only’? And don’t know much about ‘The Others’? Can get a bit scary huh? Gladly enough there is something like the internet so there are multiple good resources to be found how to go about it.

Here are some good resources:

  1. Webcast, monitoring Xplat with OpsMgr R2:

  2. Some datasheets from Microsoft. Some of it is marketing blabla, but also with some ‘nice-to-know’ information:
    Linux Systems with Operations Manager 2007 Cross Platform Extensions
    Datasheet- System Center Operations Manager 2007 Cross Platform Extensions

  3. Microsoft’s Xplat MP authoring guide:

  4. Daniele Muscetta’s blog, many posts about Xplat:

  5. David Allen, OpsMgr MVP, has some good field notes:

  6. Anders Bengtsson, OpsMgr MVP, also blogged about it:

  7. The Xplat blog of Bridgeways MPs:

Whenever new links are to be found I’ll update this posting with them.

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