Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eventid 10102 ‘In PerfDataSource, could not resolve counter ….’

I already blogged about it, but now I bumped into a server where almost ALL counters were missing. So there weren’t much performance reports to be made for this server.

A good test is to run perfmon in order to see how big the damage is. And whoops, here it was BIG:

And when restarting the Agent many EventIDs 10102 were to be found:

So it really needed attention. Of course, it isn’t an OpsMgr problem at all, but OS related. Still, it needs to be solved so OpsMgr can perform it’s duties.

This KB article describes many ways to go about it: When reading that article there are many (time consuming) ways to solve it.

One however seemed too simple to be true. Would it work on W2K08 as well?

  1. Start an elevated cmd-prompt

  2. Change directory: cd windows\system32

  3. Type: lodctr /R and hit enter. And after a couple of minutes this message appeared:

And now I could start Perfmon without any error message:

And the OpsMgr event log stayed clear after a restart of the Agent. No more EventID’s 10102.


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