Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OpsMgr Licensing


Many questions about OpsMgr licensing do go around. Like:

  • How does OpsMgr licensing work?
  • How much does a license for an OpsMgr server cost?
  • What are ML’s? What is an Enterprise ML?
  • What is a Standard ML?
  • What are System Center Server Management Suite Licenses?
  • I monitor systems without an Agent (Agentless Monitoring). Does this cost anything?
  • What are the costs of Agentless Exception Monitoring (AEM)?

Since Licensing is a special trade I will not pretend in this blogposting to know all about it. But I will give you some links where to find more information. Also I’ll give the advise to contact your representative in order to get it right.

  1. All about ML’s and OpsMgr server licenses: 

  2. All about Management Suite Licenses:

  3. OpsMgr License Brief:

Special thanks to Stefan Stranger who sent me some very useful links about this topic.

1 comment:

Henrik Andersen said...

Interesting in the License Brief that SharePoint Services is covered by a standard UML, but a web application is not, D'oh!