Thursday, August 6, 2009

OpsMgr Reporting Server installation fails: ‘Exception invalid namespace’

At a customers site I bumped into this issue. The servers are all W2K08 SP2 based and a brand new OpsMgr R2 environment is to be implemented. SQL Server 2008 SP1 is being used as SQL platform.

The installation of the OpsMgr db and RMS went smooth. No problems what so ever. But the installation of the Reporting Server became another issue. No matter what we tried, the installation of this component hung at the 9th screen, the one where one has to enter the SRS Server. We hit the button Next and then nothing happened. No matter how long we waited.

When we checked the installation log (located in %temp%, thanks Anders) we found at the end of the log this error: ‘…Exception. Invalid Namespace…’. Then nothing.

On the internet KB949455 is to be found but is not applicable in this case since SQL 2008 doesn’t use IIS for SRS anymore.

We checked DNS resolution, SRS instance and all. Nothing seemed to be wrong. However, the SRS instance had it’s own named instance. Besides that had the OpsMgrDW database another named instance, the same being used by the OpsMgr database.

So after some testing without any results we decided to install SRS in the instance being used by the OpsMgr database. We started the installation of OpsMgr Reporting Server again and now we used for the OpsMgr DW database and SRS the same instance. And now all was well. The installation went smooth and soon the OpsMgr Reporting Server was up & running.


$prihod said...

I have the same problem with 2003 server and sql 2005. It's gone only when SRS and DW in one instance.

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi S.Prihodchenko

Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. Indeed, when SRS and DW are sharing the same instance on the same server it works. However, there are implementations where SRS and the DW were hosted on different servers and worked. In this situation one has different instances for SRS and DW and all is well. Theoratically it should have worked on the same server with different instances as well. Why it didn't still puzzles me.

Best regards,
Marnix Wolf