Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hotfix for Scheduled Reports in SQL 2008

In July I already blogged about this KB article. It solves an issue that scheduled reports don’t show chart data. The KB article contains additional code which has to be added to the file ‘ReportingServicesService.exe.config’ in the ReportServer\bin directory.

Even though the KB article is pretty clear about how to do this, I have found that sometimes people bump into issues where the SRS service doesn’t want to restart any more.

With these screen dumps I hope to clarify this topic. And – as always – before adjusting the file, make a copy of it. So there is always a recovery option available.

  1. Open the file by double clicking on it. It will be opened in Microsoft Visual Studio:

  2. Right after the entry </dependentAssembly> give a linebreak (enter) so there is an empty rule between </dependentAssembly> and </assemblyBinding>.

  3. Copy & paste the code as stated in the KB article so it comes between </dependentAssembly> and </assemblyBinding>:
  4. Save the changes.

  5. Restart the SRS service.

  6. Check the eventlog for errors. Run a scheduled report to see whether it runs successfully AND to see whether it contains charts now.

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