Thursday, August 6, 2009

OpsMgr R2 Reporting: Object Picker – an example

11-08-2009 Update: The native Exchange 2007 MP contains the same lists for it’s report. So the reports contained within this MP also end up filled.

As stated in this blogposting, OpsMgr R2 Reporting has an added feature, the Object Picker in order to help users to get filled reports. Many MPs do not cover this feature however since the MP must contain a list of the supported classes per report.

But some MPs do have these lists already, like the Data Warehouse Availability report. At first nothing is to be seen what tells you that the Object Picker feature is being used. You just run the report: Reporting Pane > Reporting > Microsoft Data Warehouse Reports > Data Ware House Availability.

When this report is run, the needed Object/Group need to be selected by using the Add Group or Add Object button. And now the Object Picker feature is shown by telling you: ‘Filter Options have been applied.

When one clicks the Options button this is shown:

So a filter is in place. And when using the Add Group or Add Object option and searching, only the relevant class(es) will be displayed so no more empty reports. Even when you want an empty report (to get that pesky manager fuming) it will not work!

Nice huh?

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