Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MMS 2013: Bye New Orleans, HELLO Las Vegas!!!

Yesterday on Monday late in the evening (GMT+1) I already retweeted Rod Trent who told MMS 2013 is going to take place in Las Vegas and not as stated before at MMS 2012 in New Orleans, co-located with TechEd.

This is awesome news! Not that I didn’t want to go to New Orleans but that MMS – which is a special event of it’s own which deserves it’s own space and time – would be mixed with TechEd. That wasn’t a bright idea at all.

As Rod states in his blog posting all about this good news ‘…Suffice, for now, to say that there have been a great many things happen in the background since that announcement was made at MMS 2012…’

Within a few days a more formal statement made by Brad Anderson will be made in the days to come. When it comes out I’ll let you know.

Taken directly from the same posting made by Rod:

So…how do you stay in touch to hear more about what’s coming for MMS 2013? There’s a few ways.

  1. Sign up to receive MMS news & updates
  2. Subscribe to the MMS 2013 newsletter
  3. Join the MMS 2013 Community group
  4. Stay tuned to myITforum (of course)
  5. Follow MMS 2013 on Facebook
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  7. Watch the MMS 2013 Twitter hashtag:  #mms2013

I am happy to know that MMS 2013 will get it’s own space and time! Awesome!

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