Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SCOM Style Dashboards In OM12

With OM12 one can create new dashboards, using widgets. Widgets are great and a huge improvement compared to the dashboards we could create in SCOM (R2). Those latter were nothing more but consolidations of other Views created in SCOM (R2).

However, when running OM12 I bumped into some situations where an consolidation of certain Views would be very welcome. No matter what I tried, I didn’t succeed in it. Of course, when using the MP Authoring tools one can create any kind of dashboard, also the old SCOM (R2) style ones.

But how to tell customers, who are new to OM12, to use the MP Authoring tools in order to create such a dashboard?

Apparently Cameron Fuller, a much respected US based fellow MVP, thought along the same lines and came up with an idea AND a solution for it.

Want to know more? Read Cameron’s posting and download the related MP from the same website. Registration is required for it but free.

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