Monday, October 8, 2012

OM12 Reporting Installation Fails: Installation Log Shows Error ‘User does not have permission to perform this action.’

Found this one in my archives. Just want to share it with you all. Even though this one is all about a user’s mistake, which is me in this case (Hit any user to continue)

Installed a brand new OM12 environment. A couple of OM12 Management Servers and – of course – OM12 Reporting as well. Of course I checked whether the Reporting Server functioned correctly by opening the related url (http://localhost/reports) and YES, it worked:

So no worries here. (I presumed…)

But when I ran the installation of the OM12 Reporting component I bumped after a while into this screen:

Normally in situations like these the SSRS instance is wrecked but now the earlier mentioned URL worked like a charm and even showed some OM12 components as well. In the OM12 Console however the Reporting wunderbar was still missing.

When investigating the installation log I found this error: ‘…Error:    :ModifySRSServiceAccount failed.: Threw Exception.Type: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException, Exception Error Code: 0x80131904, Exception.Message: User does not have permission to perform this action….’

?! No permissions?!

Why did the installation fail? Didn’t take me long to figure it out. The account which I used for installing OM12 Reporting didn’t have permissions on the related SQL Server instance. I corrected that but FORGOT to logoff and logon again on that SQL Server before I ran the installation!

As we all know, permissions for a particular account are only set once, during the logon sequence. When those permissions are changed afterwards, one has to logoff and logon again in order to have those new permissions applied.

And somehow, I forgot it.

Problem solved
So I logged off (with a bit of red face I might add…) logged on and reran Setup again. Now OM12 Reporting installed just fine…

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Vincent said...

MS already released a "fix" for this in kb2730040