Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Removing The Exchange 2010 Reports MP: Don’t Forget To Remove The Related Datasets

When you decide – for whatever reason – to remove the Exchange 2012 Reporting MP from your Management Group, you’re bound for a lot of trouble.

Simply because when this MP was imported, two additional datasets were added to the Data Warehouse database as well:

  1. Microsoft.Exchange.2010.Reports.Dataset.TenantMapping;
  2. Microsoft.Exchange.2010.Reports.Dataset.Availability.

On itself nothing wrong here. But when the related MP is removed those datasets will remain and causing a lot of errors in the OpsMgr eventlog of your Management Servers: EventID 31552, Failed to store data in the Data Warehouse.

On itself one could say: OK, it’s just the OpsMgr eventlog so why bother? But read this posting of mine (all about EMPTY performance reports) and you know your Management Group might be in serious troubles.

Time to remedy it by running one Stored Procedure (SP) for removing those two datasets.

BUT… be careful AND run it only when you know what you’re doing. When in doubt, open a case with PSS. And even when you decide to run the SP, be sure to BACK UP both databases (OpsMgr & Data Warehouse) so there is a way back. Why backing up both databases when you run the SP only against the DW? When a restore is required and you only restore the DW, the OpsMgr and DW will be out of sync. So it’s always better to backup BOTH databases and restore the BOTH of them as well

Per dataset this SP has to be run once against the Data Warehouse database:

USE OperationsManagerDW
DECLARE @DatasetId uniqueidentifier
SELECT @DatasetId = DatasetId FROM Dataset WHERE DatasetDefaultName = 'NAME OF DATASET TO BE REMOVED'
EXEC StandardDatasetDelete
@DatasetId = @DatasetId

It might take some time before the SP is finished but they’ll run successfully. After the removal of the two datasets, the errors will be gone as well.

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