Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Step By Step: From Bare Metal To The Private Cloud With Microsoft System Center 2012

Wanted to share this one already for a long time but somehow it slipped through. Got this one from the System Center: Operations Manager Engineering Team Blog, so this is nothing but a cross post. None the less, very interesting.

Taken directly from the earlier mentioned blog posting: ‘…he (Travis Wright) went to the Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC) on the Redmond campus, arranged for some really nice hardware and set up a System Center managed private cloud from bare metal all the way up. All along the way he recorded everything he did. In his 8 part webcast series below he shows you some of the best practices and process for getting started with your System Center 2012 managed private cloud…’

I have seen EEC and it’s very impressive.

Also met Travis many times in person and he’s also impressive for his skills. knowledge and experience. Also followed this 8 part webcast series and for any one involved with System Center 2012 a very good series to see.

Besides that it gives you more information for your Private Cloud certification Glimlach.

Want to know more? Go here for all the webcasts, their abstracts and enjoy.

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