Monday, May 11, 2009

Management Pack Authoring Console - documentation

No. This posting won’t be about the workings of the MP Authoring Console. Why? There are blogs which describe it very well so there is not much for me to add:
  1. Look here for the blog of Daniele Grandini. He approaches SCOM from a programmers point of view and has made some very good postings.

  2. Look here for a blog purely about the MP Authoring Console.

However, this posting will be about the document accompanying the MP Authoring Console.

Why? Well this document tells exactly what a MP is all about. The way it is constructed, how MPs implement models for monitoring. What classes are and their related attributes. What a Service model is and the available relationships. And so on.

So somehow this document is like ‘Everything You Wanted to Know About MPs (But Were Afraid to Ask)’…

A good read for everyone working with SCOM on a daily basis and wants to know more about what makes SCOM tick.

The document for the MP Authoring Console for SCOM SP1 is available for download, to be found here.


Bonnie C said...

hello.. the link to the guide does not work for me..

Bonnie C said...

i wasn't able to download this guide - i got a 404 director not found error..thanks

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Bonnie.

I tried the three links and they work for me. Can you tell me what link doesn't work and what kind of error you get?