Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two new hotfixes for SCOM SP1 available

Microsoft has just released two new hotfixes for SCOM SP1 environments.
  1. KB969130
    This hotfix resolves an issue with MPs which have many event collection rules. The Dell MP is a good example of this kind of MP.

    Due to these event collection rules the Data Warehouse database may grow.

    This MP contains two new MPs to be imported.

  2. KB961363
    This hotfix resolves a well known issue: SCOM may stop monitoring SNMP devices.

    For this Microsoft already released other hotfixes, from which KB957511 was the most recent one. This hotfix also resolves many other issues.

    This hotfix is meant for (R)MS, Gateway Servers and Agents.
Kevin Holman has a very good post about hotfixes for SCOM. Yesterday he revised this posting. Look here.

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Daniele Muscetta said...

969130 should really be installed everywhere: the grooming really did not work properly, it does not matter if you have many events or just a few. The updated MP fixes a bug in the grooming stored procedure which exists regardless. If you don't have many events, then you might not notice... but there still will be tables in the DW that are not dropped.