Monday, May 25, 2009

OpsMgr R2 goes green

With OpsMgr R2 RTM it is possible to collect information about the power being used by the monitored computers. This is done with the

Power Consumption Collection Feature

Reports can be created as well, including the power consumption for each computer or for a group of computers.

The monitored system must be a Windows 2008 server R2 or Windows 7 client. These systems must be attached to a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) as well.

Before this feature is available in OpsMgr R2, the Power Management Library management pack must be imported. With this MP a new type of monitor comes available: Power Consumption.

With this monitor the Power Consumption can be monitored.

I hope to be able to test it. As soon as I get some results I will post them on my blog.

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