Friday, May 22, 2009

OpsMgr versions

With multiple OpsMgr 2007 versions being around it can be hard to tell what version one is exactly using.

Therefore I have made a small overview of the available OpsMgr versions:

  1. RC, version 6.0.6246.0
  2. RTM, version 6.0.5000.0
  3. SP1, version 6.0.6278.0
  4. R2 Beta 1, version 6.1.6407.0
  5. R2 RC, version 6.1.7043.0
  6. R2 RTM, version 6.1.7221.0

By running a sql-query (*) on the OperationsManager database the OpsMgr version can be easily found:

select DBVersion from __MOMManagementGroupInfo__

(*: This query - with many other useful queries - can be found in this blog article of Kevin Holman.)

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