Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Service Level Dashboard 2.0 MP for SCOM R2 and SQL Embedded

Yesterday late I was building a testenvironment with SCOM R2 for testing the new Service Level Dashboard 2.0 MP for SCOM R2.

I bumped into a installation error of the msi-file (a wizard actually) needed for this MP, see screendump:

Whatever I tried and information I supplied into this wizard, the same error kept popping up.

So I dropped the Microsoft team responsible for this MP a mailmessage asking what I was doing wrong...

Raghu Kethineni from Microsoft responded very fast, so I learned what I was doing wrong.

Being a SCOM geek but NOT a SharePoint geek (more a SharePoint Newbie), I had installed SharePoint 3.0 on a testserver, using the most simple mode. But then SQL Embedded is being used and not the full blown SQL server edition.

And with SQL Embedded this MP won't work. So a good lesson learned: when customers do not run a SharePoint Farm with a full blown SQL-server in the background, this MP will not work.

And for me as well, since the manual talks about SQL-server and NOT about SQL Embedded. So for me it is as well Read The Friendly Manual...

However, I hope to post soon about this MP and my findings.


Anonymous said...

Tried that but still get the same error
Is it possible to install the dashboard 2.0 on non-english system and sql ?

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Anonymous.

This I do not know for sure. In the document included with this Solution Accelerator there must be more information.

If not, on the last pages there are some mailaddresses of the persons responsible for this Solution Accelerator.

Try to contact them by email or post your question on the OpsMgr Community, to be found here:

Best regards,
Marnix Wolf