Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How To: Test Notification Settings & How To Solve Issues

Having SCOM alerting on monitored servers, services and applications is one thing.

To have SCOM send some of those Alerts out as Notifications, whether as e-mail, sms, pager or whatever Channel you prefer, is another ballgame. Many times it just works. Other times, it might become cumbersome and Notifications don’t go out anymore, or just partially. So now what?

What are the causes, and how to troubleshoot them? Or how to setup SMS or IM? Or how to use Twitter? There are a lot of good KBs and postings out there in order to aid you in getting things up & running again. In this posting I have grouped them together, in order to provide you with a single starting point.

Happy Hunting!

How To Test & Setup

  1. How to test  Notifications;
  2. Setting up IM Channel (OCS/Lync);
  3. Using Twitter as a Notification Channel;
  4. How to configure SMTP in test environments;’
  5. Sending out SMS messages with SCOM without using a mobile;


  1. Notifications Update Alert History Tool;
  2. Notification Test Tool;
  3. Subscription Copier.

How To Troubleshoot

  1. How to troubleshoot Notifications;
  2. SMS Error ‘Device Not Ready (16013)’;
  3. Notification Subscriptions Grayed Out;
  4. No e-mail: Recipient Address Is Not Valid;
  5. EventID 4503 and Notifications only partially working;
  6. GUID should contain 32 characters with 4 dashes.

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