Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MP Authoring: Sample Management Pack Specification Available

Brian Wren has published a document which introduces a completely fictional application and then presents a design for a service model and health model that can be used to create an actual management pack.

The purpose of this sample is to illustrate a logical approach for analyzing an actual application and stepping through a process for defining its monitoring requirements. The structure of the document can be used as a template for designing a management pack for your own application.

The document can be downloaded from here.


iMax said...

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bad link?

Anonymous said...

The link you posted isn't working for me.

Byty said...

Check the link is not working!


Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Byty.

Thanks so much for keeping me sharp. Much appreciated.


Marnix Wolf said...

Hi dotnetengineer.

You're right. It has been corrected. My bad.