Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SCOM R2 CU3 & CU4 may cause non-SCOM 2007 services to restart

Many of us may have bumped into this issue already. And annoying it is. Even worse, since it may disrupt production. When CU#3 or CU#4 is installed on SCOM R2 Managed servers (servers running a SCOM R2 Agent), non-SCOM 2007 R2 related services may restart.

That’s bad. Really bad. Not only the restarting, but also the word ‘may’. Sounds like Russian Roulette and thus influencing Change Management in a negative kind of way.

Since a day or so, Microsoft has published a KB article (KB2526113) in which they acknowledge the issue, describe the causes and how to work around it. It is to be expected that will be solved in a future CU for SCOM R2.

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