Thursday, March 24, 2011

Installing the Opalis Operator Console Made Easy

Installing the Opalis components isn’t a hard process at all. This becomes a total different story however when you want to install the Opalis Operator Console. This is a real drama. Why?
  • You must download 10+ different components from all kinds of obscure websites;
  • Some websites are a pain to navigate and easily the wrong package or version is downloaded;
  • When you have all the required bits and pieces in one place, they must be installed in a certain order;
  • When all components are installed they need to be configured which means editing xlm files by hand and moving/copying/pasting files to other locations;
  • One needs to create all kinds of strings when AD integration is required and a single typo will most certainly result in a not working Opalis Operator Console;
  • When requiring to install the Opalis Operator Console as a service, even more magic is required.

It is evident that the installation method for Opalis Operator Console comes from an age where installations like these were default and done by real specialists/geeks who had time for such tedious tasks. But hey, the dinosaurs died some time ago, so this installation has to go where it belongs: to the museum!
50 year old computer

So it is good to see that Kelverion has made a utility which automates the installation of the Opalis Operator Console. And I must say, it works like a charm! Hello 2011 and goodbye 1970’s! Why?

  • No more need to download all the required components since the utility contains them all;
  • No more need to manual edit xml-files;
  • No more need to cook up all kinds of special strings when AD integration is required;
  • No more need to copy/cut/move/paste files to and from all kinds of folders;
  • No more need to perform magic like tricks in order to get encryption working;
  • No more need for other mumbo jumbo in order to get the Opalis Operator Console running as a service.

Of course, this tooling has some requirements in order to run:

But when all is there it is simple point and click and Kelverion will take care of the rest! Nice and easy. So when you’re about to install Opalis WITH the Operator Console AND you want to save yourself a lot of time AND frustration? Download the tool and be happy!

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