Monday, August 13, 2012

SCOM R2 DBCreateWizard.exe Upgrading To OM12. Something To Reckon With

Bumped into this blurp of information which is rather crucial when upgrading your existing SCOM R2 environment to OM12.

The SCOM R2 installer doesn’t recognize SQL 2008 (R2) instances. So the installation of SCOM R2 will fail when a SQL 2008 (R2) server is being used. This situation is elevated by using the DBCreateWizard program which is present on the installation media of SCOM R2.

This program allows one to create both SCOM R2 databases in advance so the installer of SCOM R2 doesn’t has to create the SCOM R2 databases itself. Now SCOM R2 can be installed using SQL 2008 (R2) instances which is a good thing.

But now it turns out that when upgrading such a SCOM R2 environment, many times the OM12 Widgets, displaying the performance or availability details won’t work as intended and one or more of the following symptoms may be experienced:

  1. While creating Performance widgets, none of the performance objects/counters are shown in the wizard.

  2. You are unable to retrieve availability details using OpsMgr state widgets.

  3. Network dashboard views are not showing any availability details or performance details.

  4. The Reset Health State task fails with the exception below shown under the task status view:
    A module reported an error 0x80070490 from a callback which was running as part of rule "System.Health.ResetState" running for instance "<instance name>" with id:"{GUID}" in management group "<Management Group Name>".

    Error Code: -2130771918 (Unknown error (0x80ff0032)).

Gladly there is a KB article about how to solve this issue, KB2711375 .

All credits go to Daniele Grandini who posted this issue on his blog among other things to reckon with when upgrading SCOM R2 to OM12.

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