Thursday, August 2, 2012

Windows 2012 is RTM! How about System Center 2012 and the Private Cloud?

08-03-2012 Update:
This posting written by Beth Pariseau shares some plausible reasons why SP1 for SC2012 is lagging behind.
 Thank you Marcel for mentioning this posting.

Jeffrey Snover of the Windows Server Team announced yesterday that Windows Server 2012 is RTM! It will be GA (General Available) on the 4th of September this year, for which an online launch event will be organized.

This is great news since Windows Server 2012 is an awesome Server OS and 100% cloud ready and therefore an cloud enabler as well. So in conjunction with the System Center 2012 product – and all of its related components – they make up an awesome team for any kind of Private Cloud any organization could wish to have, blowing all competition out of the water.

However… as it is at this moment, SC2012 isn’t really ready to take full advantage of all the awesome new features Windows Server 2012 has to offer. In order to make SC2012 fully aware and capable of managing Windows Server 2012 systems, SP1 for SC2012 is required.

And SP1 for SC2012 is yet not released. CTP 2 for SC2012 is just available for a mere two weeks. And CTP 2 isn’t supported in any production environment. The related EULAs don’t allow that:

Many rumors are to be found on the internet when SP1 for SC2012 will be RTM/GA. IMHO it can’t be soon enough, as long as it’s stable and production ready. Some people state it will the end of Q4 this year where others state it will be the beginning of Q1 2013…

So when SP1 for SC2012 comes out it will – in conjunction with Windows Server 2012 – rock the boat named Private Cloud!

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