Monday, August 13, 2012

SCOM R2 To OM12 Upgrade: Migrating SCOM R2 Network Monitoring

08-14-2012 Update
Alexey Zhuravlev contacted me since this posting wasn’t 100% correct. Thanks Alexey for pointing it out to me. The posting is updated now and 100% correct.

Network monitoring has changed significantly in OM12 compared to SCOM R2.

Even to such an extend that the base class module for the network devices is changed as well. It may sound a bit like mumbo jumbo to the non MP authors among us, so let me translate it.

It means when an OpsMgr R2 environment is migrated to OM12, and the OpsMgr 2007 R2 environment used the xSNMP MP to monitor your network devices, the xSNMP MP will work for old (migrated) devices ONLY. Which basically means the xSNMP MP becomes static in your OM12 environment. All newly discovered devices will NOT be discovered by the xSNMP management pack due to the different base class.

Even though I am not a MP author, I have met many people who took a deep dive and got really far with it. People with hobbies like these love to extend existing MPs or create their own.

Some time ago the Operations Manager Engineering Team posted an article all about the differences between network monitoring in SCOM R2 and OM12 and how to go about migrating network device monitoring from SCOM R2 to OM12.

Any one with a deep passion for XML will love that posting. And for people like me, not a real MP author but yet deeply interested in the mechanisms which make OM12 tick it’s a very interesting posting as well:

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