Friday, August 3, 2012

Windows 8 Release Preview Hyper-V Error: Error Applying Memory Changes

My employer has given me a state of the art laptop for which I am very grateful. It makes my life so much easier.

The laptop runs a powerful quad core CPU alongside with a SSD drive, used for my VMs. In conjunction with plenty memory it becomes a great platform to run VMs.

With Windows 8 client (Release Preview) one can enable the Hyper-V functionality which is an awesome feature for any desktop client operating system. No more need for third party hyper visors like Virtual Box (which is an awesome FREE solution).

However, since the version of Windows 8 installed on ‘my’ laptop is still in beta, there are still some bugs. Today I bumped into this one while trying to extend the allocated memory of one of mine VMs:
Error Applying Memory Changes

No matter what I did nor tried, nothing helped. Cold boots included. Also Bing (or the ‘Other Bing’) revealed nothing. So it was time for another approach, just Trial & Error. And soon I got it working again! I want to share this since I can imagine many people are running Windows 8 Release Preview with Hyper-V enabled.

  1. Enable for the VM experiencing these issues Dynamic Memory, setting the Minimum RAM and Maximum RAM options equal to the option Startup RAM and  and click Apply
  2. Disable the Enable Dynamic Memory option by removing the checkmark from the selection box and click Apply
  3. Now you can modify the Startup RAM option as required and save the changes without any error messages:

Don’t ask me why this helps but it solved my nagging issue none the less Smile with tongue out.

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