Thursday, August 9, 2012

Updated MP: Exchange 2010, Version 14.03.0038.003

08-09-2012 Update
It appears this MP is pulled as well since it doesn’t support updates meaning the previous version has to be removed prior to importing this version. Since Microsoft doesn’t want to put organizations through such an ordeal the MP will be updated in order to support updates.

As stated before there were some issues with the previous version of the Exchange 2010 MP (version These issues were pretty serious which forced the Exchange Team to pull the MP.

Yesterday Microsoft published the newest version of this MP, version 14.03.0038.003 in which the issues are fixed.

MP can be downloaded from here.


Blake said...

The new MP will not upgrade, so you will have to delete the old one and dependent mp's. Big Exchange shops beware.

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Blake

Thanks for your comments. Updated the posting as well since the MP has been pulled now...


Stanislav Zhelyazkov said...

Blake does removal and instllation requires restart of the server?

Eugene van Rooyen said...

Unbelievable I have to say. MS needs to know that some people actually *depend* on monitoring Exchange and this is as unprofessional as it comes. This whole MP ordeal is frankly embarrassing to say the least. So here we go again, waiting more weeks before we can monitor our (new - migrated from GroupWise)environment. Shoddy work Microsoft!